Magazine publish scientific views, abstract, research findings, short reviews, new technologies report, case study and inventions in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary, Dairy and Fishery Sciences.


Views expressed in the articles are authors own, publisher may not necessarily agreed with it.  


Authors should follow the guidelines given below for easy processing and to avoid rejection -

  1. Magazine only publish English articles and available in digital format is free.  

  2. Article should typed in Times New Roman font with font size 12.

  3. Inter line space should be 1.5 spacing and margin 2.54 cm from all sides

  4. Abstract should be informative and completely self-explanatory, briefly present the topic, state the scope of the experiments, and point out major findings and conclusions (not more than 300 words).

  5. Tables and Figures should be typed or generated by author. Table numbers should be followed by the title of the table, Figures must be quoted in the text·

  6. References should be cited in the text wherever required. It should be prepared alphabetically with surname of all the authors followed by these initials and year of publication in brackets.

  7. Following order should be followed during writing an article

    1. Title​

    2. Authors

    3. Authors affiliation

    4. Abstract/ Summery

    5. Body of the manuscript (Give subheadings if any needed.)

    6. Conclusion

    7. Reference

  8. Title should depict the theme of manuscript, be brief, specific and informative (14 font, Bold).

  9. Names of authors to be typed in sentence case (12 font ).

  10. Authors affiliation should be in italics (12 font)