FSSAI Registration for Small Scale Dairy Industry and Dairy Farmers

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India stands top in the list of milk producers worldwide with production of 187.7 million tonne milk production in 2018-19 with 394 g per capita availability. Besides commercial, small scale dairy farmers are playing an important role in the total milk production and contributing in national economy, as more than 50% of the marketable surplus is still handled by the unorganised sector of small farmers. Of the total milk produced in rural areas around 52 % is the marketable surplus. Out of this surplus, less than half of the milk sold is handled by the organized sector including dairy cooperatives and private dairy companies but the rest of it is sold by the unorganized sector. More mass of these farmers raise animals in small scale through traditional methods. An important reason is less knowledge and lack of accessibility to modern farming methods and improved techniques which is a concern for the authorities in order to provide consumers with quality milk and milk products.

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